HDFC Bank Savings Account Tiers: SavingsMax / Classic / Preferred / Imperia

HDFC Bank offers 5 types of Savings Accounts for Regular Individuals including Regular Savings Banking and High Networth Banking. In today’s post, we will be looking at the different HDFC Savings Account Tiers. In case you want to upgrade your existing HDFC Savings Account, check this post: How to upgrade HDFC Basic Savings Account to Classic / Preferred / Imperia Account?.

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UPDATE 5th April 2022: HDFC Bank has added another tier of high networth banking: HDFC Infiniti. It is an invite-only program, only available to people maintaining a total relationship value of 5 Crores or more. Check the link to know more: HDFC Infiniti Banking Savings Account All Details

HDFC Online Savings Account Types:

  1. Regular Savings Account.
  2. SavingsMax Account.
  3. HDFC Classic Savings Account.
  4. HDFC Preferred Savings Account.
  5. HDFC Imperia Savings Account.

1 & 2 are regular Savings Accounts while 3, 4, & 5 are part of their high net worth banking program.

HDFC Savings Account Details:

Details Savings SavingsMax Classic Preferred Imperia
Eligibility 10k MAB Urban, 5k MAB Semi-Urban, 2.5k MAB Rural 25k MAB 1L MAB / 5L TRV 2L MAB / 15L TRV 10L MAB / 30L TRV
Balance Non-Maintenance Charges Applicable Applicable Nil, Downgrade Nil, Downgrade Nil, Downgrade
Debit Card Millennia Easyshop Platinum Easyshop Platinum Classic Easyshop Platinum Preferred Easyshop Platinum Imperia
Debit Card Fees ₹590 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Free ATM Withdrawals HDFC: 5; non-HDFC: 3 in Metros, 5 in non-Metros Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Insurance No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Locker Rates for the First Locker Normal 50% Discount for the 1st Year only 25% Discount forever 50% Discount forever 100% Discount forever
IMPS Charges Applicable Applicable Applicable Nil Nil
Charges on other Banking Facilities Applicable Applicable Nil Nil Nil
Off on Loan Processing Fees Nil Nil 50% 50% 50%

I have already discussed the HDFC Savings Account types and their features in detail. Check out this FinTalks Group thread, and this blog post below.

In case you want to upgrade your existing HDFC Savings Account, check this post: How to upgrade HDFC Basic Savings Account to Classic / Preferred / Imperia Account?

How to Open a Fully Online HDFC Savings Account?

Click this Official Link to visit the HDFC Bank InstaAccount Website. You will need your Aadhar Linked Mobile Number and PAN Card Number. No physical document submission necessary.

  • After 48hrs of video KYC, your account will get Activated.
  • Once Activated you will get a welcome letter to your residential address in the next 4-10 days
  • After that, you will get the welcome kit (Debit card, cheque book, passbook) (5-10 working days)
  • You need not apply for any of these manually.
  • HDFC won’t send any email or sms regarding the delivery of the welcome kit other than the Courier sms that contains a tracking number.

I will be updating this post with more information as necessary. Meanwhile, you should definitely check out this Important Bank Account Information.

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