Important HDFC Credit Card Information

Information #1:

If you are new to HDFC Credit Cards, then you can Apply and Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free. Basically there a few tasks you need to do while applying for a new credit card, to ensure your HDFC card membership is upgraded to Lifetime Free status.

Information #2:

If you are an existing HDFC Credit Card user, and you are unable to fulfill your annual spend targets for waiving off the Annual Fees for your card, then you can manually request HDFC Bank to waive off the charges for you, for one-time.

This becomes easier if you have an existing HDFC Bank Savings Account, as your RM can assist you with this.

All you need to do is dial up the HDFC Customer Care, choose the Credit Cards department, and speak to the Phonebanking Agent. You need to explain to them your situation and ask for help. They will be happy to waive off your annual charges if you request them.

Information #3:

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