GUIDE: How to Enable Classic / Preferred / Imperia Family Banking on HDFC Bank?

In case you and your family member are having bank accounts in HDFC Bank, then you can easily group them together so that all your family members can enjoy high networth banking privileges cumulatively.

Advantages of Family Banking Group on HDFC Bank:

  1. Each family member gets upgraded to the Savings Banking Tier you choose, irrespective of their account balance. Refer to my post on HDFC Bank Account Tiers: Classic / Preferred / Imperia to know more about the high networth banking benefits on HDFC Bank.

  2. All family members can cumulatively maintain the required MAB on their Accounts. For example, even if one member maintains the required MAB, other members can keep zero balance, and still enjoy the high networth banking benefits.

  3. Although they will be linked within the system internally, each bank account will have its own customer ID and login access. One member cannot access other members’ accounts. They will work separately as regular accounts in all other aspects, have their own debit cards, cheque books, and so on!

  4. Privacy is maintained across all the accounts. One family member cannot take control of other family members’ account status at all.

How does HDFC Family Banking Group work?

  1. HDFC Family Banking Group Linking facility can be extended to your immediate family members only: Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife, Son, and Daughter.

  2. All HDFC Family Accounts have to be opened in the same branch. In case any family member is having their account at a different branch, it won’t work. You have to initiate a branch transfer request first.

  3. Maximum 5 Family Bank Accounts can be grouped together under 1 Group. 1 Person will be made the Family Head.

  4. All HDFC Family Accounts will be managed by a single RM, who can access every family member’s assets information.

How to Link Accounts and Enable Family Banking on HDFC Bank?

  1. Visit HDFC Bank and tell your RM that you want to link your family bank accounts under one group. This process has to be done physically. There is no way to do it online.

  2. Tell your RM which High-Networth Family Banking you would like to join: Classic or Preferred or Imperia. Your Account Benefits will be shared amongst all family members. Refer to my post on HDFC Bank Account Tiers: Classic / Preferred / Imperia to know more about the high networth banking benefits on HDFC Bank.

  3. Based on your choice, your RM will give you a form and ask you to fill up the Name, Customer ID, and Bank Account Numbers of all the Family Members.

Here’s an Example Form for HDFC Preferred Banking Upgrade. The form will be different for Classic or Imperia:

  1. Fill up the form, take the signature of all the family members, and submit it to your HDFC Branch.

All the family accounts will be linked together and upgraded within 7 working days. Yes, this takes some time. Be patient.

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