How to upgrade HDFC Basic Savings Account to Classic / Preferred / Imperia Account?

Many of you probably know that HDFC Bank has several tiers of banking, depending on how much you want to invest with the Bank.

While the Regular Savings Account (10k MAB) and Savings Max Account (25k MAB) caters to the entry-tier, they have high networth banking tiers that offer a lot of banking facilities and services for free or at highly attractive discounted rates.

This includes the HDFC Classic Account, Preferred Account, and Imperia Account. Check out our HDFC Savings Account Types post to know the complete details, features, and benefits of each of these accounts.

In case you have a regular savings account and you wanted to upgrade to Classic Banking, or you have a Classic Account, and you wanted to upgrade to Preferred Banking, or you have a Preferred Account, and you wanted to upgrade to Imperia Banking, this is the post you should refer to.

First things first, you can directly open an HDFC Classic / Preferred / Imperia Account from your branch at the first attempt if you have the required funding as given in their guidelines. But most of us start from the basic tier or Savings Max tier. So, for them, this thread might be useful.

Upgrade from HDFC Basic / Savings Max to Classic Account:

This was originally posted by Kartik Ahuja on our FinTalks Facebook Group on 6th April 2021.

He posted this:

I get irritated by HDFC, has been more than 6 months since they are not upgrading my account from normal to classic. Already maintained the min balance for 6months. How do you get work done from them?

There were quite a few responses, which all boiled down to this:

You need to visit your HDFC Branch and fill up the HDFC Classic Account Signup form and sign it. This process needs to happen offline.

This is the form:

Once you submit this form, your regular savings account will get upgraded to HDFC Classic Account within 7 working days. (Usually gets done within 3-4 days max)

Upgrade from HDFC Classic to Preferred Account:

The upgrade from Classic to Preferred Tier, and from Preferred to Imperia Tier, will be hassle-free in general. You only need to maintain the required MAB for Preferred or Imperia Savings Account for 3 months and you will get an email invite for upgrading.

Here’s the email you should watch out for:

Once you click this link, you will be taken to HDFC Website where you can send the upgrade request.

Upgrade from HDFC Preferred to Imperia Account:

Similarly, for Imperia, they will send an email.

Apart from email, you will also see the ‘Account Upgrade Invite’ on your HDFC NetBanking, either on the Accounts page or on the Offers page.

It looks like this:

From our FinTalks members, we have Pankaj Vijayvargiya and Shubhankar Dutta who have successfully upgraded to HDFC Imperia Banking. Click on the links to check their respective threads on FinTalks and you will get further insights.

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