GUIDE: How to upgrade your existing IDFC Credit Card to IDFC Wealth Credit Card?

In case you are using an IDFC First Credit Card an want to upgrade it to IDFC First Wealth Credit Card, their highest tier of credit cards, then you are at the right place. Follow this post to know the step by step method to upgrade your IDFC First Millennia/Classic/Select Credit Card to IDFC First Wealth Credit Card.

Getting “Sorry we can’t proceed” error while applying IDFC First Credit Card application? Here’s how to fix the error: [SOLVED] Sorry we can’t proceed IDFC Credit Card Application Error: How to fix?

Note: This method may or may not work for everyone. I know many people for whom this method worked, however I also know I person for whom this method did not work. But no harm in trying right?


  1. Your existing IDFC Credit Card must be at least 6 months old.
  2. You must have another bank credit card (at least 6 months old) having at least 5L credit limit.
  3. If you have a IDFC Millennia or Classic Credit Card, it may be upgraded to Select and not Wealth. This is totally bank’s discretion. But if you have a IDFC Select credit card, it will be upgraded to IDFC Wealth credit card.


Write an email to IDFC First Bank Nodal Officer that you want your IDFC First Bank CC to be upgraded to Wealth CC.

Mention these points:

  1. You are using your cc for <> time.
  2. You want an upgrade to Wealth CC as you feel that to be more worthy of your spends.
  3. You have existing different bank cc with 5L+ limit. (Attach the cc statement)
  4. You are ready to co-operate with any other information if the bank needs.

Send the mail and wait for response. This is the only valid way that many people have been able to get their IDFC First Bank Credit Cards upgraded to wealth. Try yourself and let me know how it went for you.

Alternative Method:

If this method does not work for you, the only possible way is to close your existing IDFC First Credit Card and apply for IDFC First Wealth Credit Card fresh. You may need to wait 6 months or more after card closure to apply.

Also, you will see the ‘Sorry you can’t proceed’ screen once the card is canceled. You need to fix the error (see this post to know how) before applying fresh.

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I tried this with amazon pay cc but they directly said my profile is updated as salaried in their system and i must provide salary slip + bank statement. So maybe its for self employed folks. ps: i wrote to banker@ Idfcbank not the nodal.


Write to nodal again.

Tell them that you are not doing job anymore you are self employed now… a person cannot remain as a permanent job or business holder for lifetime…

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My limit is 4.2L for Amazon pay cc. Will it work?


Nope. Existing cc with minimum 5L limit required. It is a must.

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Great guide for IDFC folks.

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Haha thank you very much.

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I have a Millennium credit card and another bank credit card with a limit of more than 5 lakhs. Should I apply for Select or Wealth? Kindly advise.

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I got my IDFC Select card in the month of August this year. When I wrote to them after getting the card, they said that I should apply after 3 months. Yesterday after completing 3 months, I dropped an email again to idfc support team. One executive reached out to me via email and said to provide 3 months payslip+bank statement to first get a LE, and then an opportunity to upgrade to wealth. I replied saying that I know for a fact that for 5 lakh+ limit on existing card, I can get Wealth, and I want the upgrade on a card to card basis and not on my payslip.

Now, should I drop in an email to PNO and try for upgrade? Or should I wait for 3 more months and then try?

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Always apply for Wealth. Its the higher tier credit card amongst the two.

Wait for 6 months completion and then drop a mail to nodal officer with your other card statement. Keep using the Select card for now.

Brother did you receive any response?

I made a request like in the above format now they are asking for my 3 months salary slip and account statement. What to do ji?

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Tell them that you are no longer a salaried person, and can only provide other bank credit card statement. (If you have ITR, then you can tell them that you can provide ITR)

I have millennia as LTF … will i get wealth or select also as LTF ?

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Yes you will get. IDFC Millennia, Classic, Select, and Wealth all are LTF CC.