Get IndusInd Bank Eazydiner Platinum Lifetime Free Credit Card as Additional Card

In case you are already holding an IndusInd Bank Credit Card, then you can now apply for the IndusInd Bank Eazydiner Platinum Credit Card as an additional card. This card is Lifetime Free. No charges associated with it.

Important Points:

  1. To apply for the IndusInd Bank Eazydiner Platinum Credit Card, you have to have an existing IndusInd Bank Credit Card active. This credit card will be issued as an additional card. In case you do not have an IndusInd Bank Credit Card, and you want to get a good IndusInd Credit Card, refer to: GUIDE: How to Apply for IndusInd Legend Credit Card Lifetime Free?.
  2. If you already have 2 IndusInd Credit Cards such as IndusInd Legend Credit Card and IndusInd Platinum Rupay Credit Card, still you can apply for the IndusInd Eazydiner Platinum Credit Card as the 3rd Card.
  3. You can also get the IndusInd Bank Signature Credit Card as an Additional Card using this method however it won’t be lifetime free. It will be a chargeable card ₹1999 + GST.
  4. You will get the physical card delivered to your address registered with the bank, within 7 working days.
  5. IndusInd Bank issues credit cards on a split-limit basis. This means you have to split your existing credit card limit into 2 parts. IndusInd Bank DOES NOT issue credit cards on a shared limit basis.
  6. You will get separate credit card statements for both the cards and you have to pay them separately.
  7. There will be NO CIBIL INQUIRY since this is pre-approved for you.

How to Apply IndusInd Bank Eazydiner Platinum Credit Card Lifetime Free?

Click this link to visit IndusInd Eazydiner Additional Card website.

You can choose between the IndusInd Bank Eazydiner Platinum or Signature Credit Card. Note that, only IndusInd Bank Eazydiner Platinum Card is Lifetime Free. Eazydiner Indusind Signature Credit Card is chargeable.

Click on Check Eligibility.

Enter your Mobile Number, and enter the last 4 digits of your existing IndusInd Bank Credit Card Number. Click on Get OTP. Verify your number with OTP.

Then wait for some seconds while the bank will check your eligibility for getting this credit card. Once you get approved for this card, you can confirm your mailing address to get your card delivered.

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