Best Mutual Fund Investment Apps

One of the most common beginner queries on our FinTalks Facebook Group is this: What is the best app for doing Mutual Fund investments?

Today I will try to collect the most recommended apps from our FinTalks members so that you can get some insights about them. This post should also serve as a guide for the future.

List of Top Mutual Fund Apps:

Which App is the most used Mutual Fund App?

Here’s a poll from Arnab Mondal, posted on our FinTalks Facebook Group on 18th November 2020 where you can see the votes against each app. You can check out the poll, and also cast your own vote to show your support.

But remember, this poll should not be an indicator of ‘best app’, because it is highly subjective. And just because a large number of people use a service, does not always make it the best choice. So, better to try a few popular apps and then decide.

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