Which Investment Instrument gave the best results for FinTalks members?

We keep on discussing different types of investment opportunities for getting better returns.

From buying shares to mutual funds to FnO, or other investments such as real estate, gold, coal bonds, or even our very safe Post Office Fixed Deposits, we invest in everything. Some are also diving into Cryptocurrencies.

So, which investment instrument worked best for you?

Opinions can differ, but we can always poll on this to get a general idea of which investment gave the most returns along with the safety / satisfaction / peace of mind, whatever you call it.

This poll was originally posted by Devender Garg on 3rd April 2021 in our FinTalks Facebook Group. Click here to visit.

You can check it out to find out what works for us all, and you can also poll in what worked for you! Every vote counts!

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