When do Credit Cards Report your Card Usage to Credit Bureaus?

In case you are using any Credit Card, your bank or financial institution will report your Credit Behavior (credit utilization, credit repayment history, etc.) to all Credit Bureaus every month.

Let’s find out which date your Card Usage will be reported to CIBIL and other Credit Bureaus.

Why is it important to know?

Credit Bureaus are Data-Hungry. They always love to take in new data and update our Credit Profiles in real-time.

However, we (consumers) are not allowed to refresh our Credit Profile in real-time (unless you have a paid CIBIL account). Most Credit Score Checking Apps allow you to refresh your Credit Score once in 35 days or so.

So, if you know when your Card usage data will be reported, it will give you a fine grip over your Credit Score. You won’t be in the dark about when should you expect a change in your Credit Score.

Another thing, in case you are applying for a new credit card, and you want it to happen after your previous card’s usage is reported in your Credit Profile, then this information can help.

Often you need 6 months of Credit History to apply for a new Credit Card via Card to Card basis. This data will help.

List of Credit Card Issuers and their CIBIL Reporting Date:

Bank Reporting Date
American Express Bill Generation Date
Axis Bank End of the Month
Bank of Baroda End of the Month
Citibank Bill Generation Date
HDFC Bank End of the Month
HSBC Bank End of the Month
ICICI Bank Bill Generation Date
IndusInd Bank End of the Month
IDFC First Bank End of the Month
Kotak Bank End of the Month
RBL Bank End of the Month
SBI Cards Bill Generation Date
Standard Chartered Bank End of the Month
Yes Bank End of the Month


  1. The banks which report on Bill Generation Date, may vary 2-3 days earlier or later each month. Nothing to worry about.
  2. Some users have reported that Axis Bank reports twice every month, once on the Bill Generation Date, and once again at the end of the month.

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