How to Check My Credit Score for FREE? (CIBIL / Experian / CRIF / Equifax)

Wanted to check your Credit Score for FREE but not sure where? Don’t worry, here’s a comprehensive list of apps and websites that you can use. I will keep updating the list as I find new providers.

Things to Note:

  • Before you get started, you should remember that there are 6 Credit Bureaus in India:
  1. Transunion CIBIL.
  2. Experian.
  3. CRIF Highmark.
  4. Equifax.
  5. CRISIL.
  6. ICRA.
  • Out of these 6, the first 4 are the most important, especially CIBIL. Most financial institutions look at your CIBIL score to determine your creditworthiness. Since CIBIL is so popular in India, we generally say ‘CIBIL Score’ instead of saying ‘Credit Score’.

  • Each bureau has its own method of calculating scores, so your scores will vary against each bureau. Don’t get confused about why the score is low on one Bureau and high on another. The metrics or weightage given to each factor while calculating your Credit Score varies from one bureau to other.

  • Whenever you apply for a new cc and a new CIBIL inquiry is done, you can check on any app for the inquiry amount/change in Credit Score.

  • If you do multiple inquiries in a month, you can check in a different app/site for updated scores, since you are only allowed to refresh your score once every 35 days in any single app/site.

  • Last but not least, checking your Credit Report DOES NOT impact your Credit Scores at all, since it is a Soft Inquiry. In fact, you should regularly check your Credit Score to stay updated on the latest developments.

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How to check my Credit Score?

Below is a list of apps and websites that you can use to determine your Credit Scores. You can download their app (or visit their website) and enter information like your Name, Mobile No, Email, and PAN Card. It will fetch your Credit Score from the Credit Bureau.

Name Bureaus Remarks
OneScore CIBIL, Experian
Cred Experian, Crif
PayTM CIBIL, Equifax Doesn’t always update on time.
Freecharge CIBIL
Amazon Pay CIBIL
Paisabazaar CIBIL, Experian, CRIF, Equifax Doesn’t always update on time.
Bankbazaar Experian
Wishfin CIBIL
Bajaj Finserv CIBIL
Tata Capital Experian
Fit.Credit CRIF
CreditMantri CRIF
HDFC CIBIL CIBIL For HDFC Bank Account Holders only.
HDFCLife Creditmart CIBIL
SBI Home Loans CIBIL
Kotak 811 Experian Only for Kotak Credit Card users only.
ICICI Netbaking CIBIL Free for ICICI Wealth Management Customers only.

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