Welcome to FinTalks: New Members Please Read

Welcome to FinTalks Forum.

Let’s Discuss and Solve Queries regarding Banking, Credit and Debit Cards, Loans, Mutual Funds, Stock Market, Gold, Insurance, Pensions, Income Tax Returns, and everything else related to the financial domain. Nobody is an expert, but we can all share our experiences, help each other and learn from each other at FinTalks. Peace. :v:

Purpose of this Forum:

At the initial stage, the purpose of this forum is to archive important posts / topics from our FinTalks Facebook Group, so that you can find them anytime later, and they can be linked to very easily. It also makes it easier for anyone to find important resources from our community.

If you are new here, I welcome you to join FinTalks Forum.

Getting Started:

The first step to getting started with the FinTalks forum is ‘Creating your Account’. For your convenience, we have added a lot of social media logins to help you with one-click sign-ups.

You can use your email to sign up as usual or use your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, GitHub, or even Discord to sign up. You name it, and we support it. You won’t be facing any difficulties in signing up. Do check your email (and spam folder, too) for a confirmation message after you finish signing up.

After creating your account, you must secure it by Enabling 2-Step-Verification as soon as possible. This is an important thing for your account protection. Check out the link above for a step-by-step guide for the same.

Next up, you should have a look at our FinTalks Community Rules, which will help you understand the community better. Also, look at our FAQ Guidelines page.

Here’s some more information that will help you navigate around quickly. Kindly note that this forum is still in the early development stage, I am trying to populate it with useful posts. Over time this forum will become an useful financial resource.


This FinTalks Forum is divided into the following major categories and sub-categories. You can click the links below to browse important topics related to each category. In case you want to create new forum posts, you can choose appropriate categories.

1. Banking.

2. Credit.

3. Investment.

4. Insurance.

5. Legal.

6. Coming Soon!

If any other major categories are created, they will be added over here.

That’s it. Have fun browsing around. Thank you. :smile:

PS: This post will be periodically edited and updated as necessary.

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