Upgrade Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card with Shared Limits (Expression CC Trick)

There are a lot of Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card users who wish to upgrade their existing credit cards and take another ICICI Credit Card. However, the bad news is, ICICI Bank does not allow upgrading the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card to any other card directly. It is a dead-end!

In case you have any other ICICI Credit Card, like ICICI Platinum CC, then you can call ICICI Customer Support and upgrade it over a phone call itself, but it is not possible for Amazon Pay ICICI CC.

But don’t worry! Here’s the trick to upgrade your Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card, in case you do not have any other ICICI credit card, or your Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card limit is higher, and you are wanting to upgrade from that. This is known as the popular Expression CC Trick, applicable for all ICICI Credit Cards, however, it is mostly applicable to Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card which is not directly upgradable.

Steps to Upgrade From Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card:

  1. Download the iMobile App.
  2. Browse to the ‘Cards’ section, and click on your Amazon Pay ICICI CC.
  3. Click on ‘Manage Card’, and then click on ‘Get Expressions Card’.
  4. This is a pretty ‘useless’ credit card, but we need this credit card for this trick to work.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and request for ‘ICICI Expressions Credit Card’.
  6. You will see charges mentioned as ₹499+GST. But don’t worry, we are not going to pay for that.
  7. Wait for 24-48 hours, the card will be generated on your iMobile App. (Usually, you’ll find it at 12 am the next-to-next day of requesting the card)
  8. The limit of this ICICI Expressions CC will be the same as your Amazon Pay ICICI CC.
  9. Once this is generated, call up ICICI customer support (1800 1020 123), and you can request an upgrade for your newly generated ICICI Expressions Credit Card. Now you can choose your favorite credit card, like ICICI Coral CC, or ICICI MMT CC, etc.
  10. Again wait for 24-48 hours, and you will find your new card on the iMobile App (same as step 7). This card will also have the same limit as your Amazon Pay ICICI CC.
  11. Now one last thing left, you need to call the ICICI Support team again and get your Expression CC de-activated. Do this within one billing cycle of card generation, else you will be charged the annual fees for the card (which happens on the bill generation date).

Things to Note:

  1. Your cards will get shared limits. (Although some people reported separate limits, including myself)
  2. The ICICI credit card upgrade and cancellation process are fully telephonic. You don’t need to write any big letters.
  3. Your Expressions CC will get despatched automatically via courier. Accept it, no problem with that. Keep it as your souvenir.
  4. If you want, you may keep using all the 3 ICICI Credit Cards: Amazon Pay CC, Expressions CC, and your new CC together. They will all have shared limits.
  5. If you want, you can upgrade any one of your credit cards (excluding Amazon Pay) to any other CC many more times by calling ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank will be happy to issue you more CC, as long as you are getting shared limits.

That’s all. Enjoy using your new ICICI Credit Cards. Follow this thread on our FinTalks Facebook Group here and here.

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Thanks bhai. I have successfully upgraded my card


Hello Saikia,

Welcome to FinTalks Community. Glad to know your card is upgraded successfully. :slight_smile:


The upgraded credit card will be LTF or the original fees ?

Hello @duneysoham_duneysoha Welcome to FinTalks Community. Well, the bad news is upgraded card will carry original fees only, not LTF. :cry:

Its not working now i guess…
Tried on Saturday and got declined

@Ashish_Kumar_Pany Welcome to FinTalks Forum. Yes I am also hearing similar news. Recently it is not working. I hope this is a temporary thing. :disappointed:

@Ashish_Kumar_Pany Just now confirmed from a guy, this method worked for him. (although it didn’t work for a lot of people)

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Yes, have tried again yesterday lets see

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How long after getting Amazonpay cc do we have to wait to do this trick even if it does work? I mean regarding the trick not working you mentioned in comments, is icici not approving expression cc or are they not upgrading the expression cc?

Hello @Dr_Saptarshi_Mondal Welcome to FinTalks Forum.

I don’t know how long but the cooldown period of icici is 6 months so we can assume after getting amz pay icici cc, after 6 months you can try this. The trick is working for some people but not working for some. Essentially it means, for some, the cc is getting generated automatically after 1-2 days. However, for some, it isn’t.

PS: I will still wait for a solid update on the first query you asked. Maybe someone who has recently applied for amz pay icici can try it out and confirm.


Okay got it. Another question, will applying for expression lead to any CIBIL enquiry? If not then I’ll be trying tomorrow. Have a 4 month old Amazonpay.

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No. Existing Bank Cardholders applying for another card from the same bank, from the bank channel itself, won’t affect CIBIL.

I got Expression card after 3 days… but when I applied for this card I got call from ICICI they were offering me multiple Gemstone cards… so I applied for coral from there… needed to submit documents and did vkyc…

If they reject from there so upgrade to coral from this trick…

@mr_volatile welcome to fintalks. :pray:

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Coral ke liye upgrade request le liya agent ne…
Amazon card ko mai use Kiya hu to uska remaining amount different hai and expression card mai full limit show kr raha hai…
But agent bola shared limit hai…
Application mai update nhi hota kya limit?


It will be shared limit only. In app the limit sometimes shows separately. If you exhaust full limit in one card then you can try using other card to know if it is shared limit or not.

Done from my side. I asked for coral and mmt cc. :heart::blue_heart:

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Dear @Madanand21 welcome to the FinTalks community. Hope you get approval for both the cc. :slight_smile:

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Thank you sharing this information