Trick To Pay Axis Credit Card Bill Via Other Credit Card Without Any Charges + BOB Eterna Gives 3.75% Cashback

Trick 1 -

  1. First Download New PayZapp App.

  2. Now Load Money Through Any Credit Card (BOB Eterna Gives 3.75% Cashback for Wallet Loading). 1st Time Load ₹100.

  3. Open Axis Mobile App, Login & Click ‘Pay My Dues’. P.S. Those Who Have Axis Bank Account, Follow “View More > Service > Pay My Dues”. Enter Amount & Select Other Bank. You’ll Be Redirected To FreeCharge Gateway.

  4. Now Go To Your PayZapp >> Profile >> PayZapp Wallet And Copy Your PayZapp Virtual Card Details.

  5. Now Select Debit Card Option, Paste PayZapp Card Details, Proceed & Confirm The Transaction Via PayZapp or OTP.

  6. Booyah :tada:! Your Credit Card Payment Will Be Settled Within 2 Working Days (Not Instant).

  7. If Small TXN Succeeded For You, Then Only Go with higher amount. Don’t Load Much In PayZapp, Do Utilise Then Add, Repeat :repeat:.

Trick 2 -

  1. Rupay BHIM Trick Works With This. FreeCharge Page Allows You To Enter BHIM UPI ID. So It Will Work With BHIM Credit Card UPI Too (Verified).

  2. You Might Also Earn RP/CB As Per Card TnC on BHIM Credit UPI (Not Verified, Need To Wait For Statement)

Notes -

  1. PayZapp Mini KYC User Limit Is ₹10,000 Per Month And PayZapp Full KYC User Limit Is 2 Lakhs Per Month.

  2. This Trick Is Only Shared For Helpful Purposes, For God’s Sake, Don’t Abuse It.

Warning :warning: : Do It At Your Own Risk.

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Welcome to FinTalks Community @Dhruv . Thank you for sharing this useful trick. :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: Trick 1 is OVER. Patched by Axis Bank.

Thanks, it’s same like blog na?