Download PayZapp 2.0 For All Users Without Waitlist Issue

PayZapp 2.0 To All Users Without Waitlist Issue

First Download Latest PayZapp From Below Link


Now Enter Mobile Number & Accept T&C

Now Click Proceed And Immediately Turn Off Internet

Now You will get the option to Select SIM card. Select SIM Card with which you want to open PayZapp

Now Turn On Internet And Click Proceed

You can give any number Mini KYC, if HDFC Bank linked number then full KYC possible

If it is linked with HDFC Bank account then you can enter DC, CC, NB for full KYC

If it is not linked with HDFC then enter PAN card etc for Mni KYC

Sometimes this trick won’t work. Try and try till it will work

Sometimes it will work only in morning times. Try now if not working try morning

If trick not worked it will show as you are in waitlist. Try again and again. It will work

Old PayZapp account will be closed automatically. Balance will be transferred to new PayZapp

New PayZapp prepaid card will get generated

Now no more waitlist issue.

Note: Need 2 sims in the phone to use this trick. Otherwise sim selection prompt won’t come.

This was originally posted by @LUKA on our FinTalks Facebook Group.

Now allowing everyone without waitlist, yday got new app access without any waitlist issue!
Ps : HDFC Bank Holder.

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