GUIDE: How to Apply for OneCard Add-on Credit Card?

Good News, OneCard Metal Credit Card has finally introduced Add-on Cards, and in case you own a OneCard, you can easily apply for Addon Credit Cards for your family members at no additional costs.

What is a Addon Credit Card?

An Add-on Card is a secondary card provided to your direct family members. It is of the same variant as the primary card and shares the same features as the primary card. I have already written a detailed post on What is Addon Credit Card, what are its benefits. Check it out: Add-on Credit Cards Explained: Features, Benefits, How to Apply?

Things to Remember:

  • If you are using OneCard with IDFC, it won’t be eligible for Addon Card. You need to Upgrade your OneCard before trying this.
  • One Primary OneCard Holder can opt for up to 2 Add-on Cards.
  • You can choose Metal or Plastic Add-on Cards. Metal Card will be chargeable at ₹3000+GST. Plastic Card will be free.
  • At this moment, OneCard is running a promotional offer where you will be getting 500 Reward Points (which translates to ₹50) per plastic addon card invite (5000 Reward Points for Metal Card though, but it is chargeable at 3k+GST).

How to Apply?

Locate the ‘Add Family Member’ option inside OneCard App. If you cannot find it, you can click this link: (from Mobile Device) and it will open inside OneCard App. (Try a few times if it doesn’t work in one go, or copy-paste the link on chrome browser so that it redirects to OneCard)

The process is this:

  1. You enter Addon Cardholder Name (as per PAN) and relationship.
  2. You choose the card limit (choose a total limit to get on a shared basis)
  3. You choose the type of card (plastic or metal)
  4. Confirm the other details and you will get an invite link.
  5. Share it with Addon Cardholder.
  6. The addon cardholder needs to sign up with that link and add their details.
  7. The OneCard Addon card will be despatched to the registered address of the primary cardholder.

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