GUIDE: How to Apply for IndusInd Addon Credit Card?

In case you own an IndusInd Bank Credit Card, you can easily apply for Addon Credit Cards for your family members at no additional costs. In today’s post, I will share the complete details on how you can apply for IndusInd Bank Add-on Credit Card.

What is Add-on Credit Card?

An Add-on Card is a secondary card provided to your direct family members. It is of the same variant as the primary card and shares the same features as the primary card. I have already written a detailed post on What is Addon Credit Card, what are its benefits. Check it out: Add-on Credit Cards Explained: Features, Benefits, How to Apply?

Things to Remember:

  • One primary IndusInd Credit Cardholder can take a maximum of 4 add-on cards for their immediate family members.
  • In the IndusInd Addon Card Application form, you can apply for 2 Add-on Credit Cards at one go. In case you want to apply more, you need to fill-up the form freshly again.
  • There will be no joining fee or annual fee on the Addon card. It is issued as a Lifetime Free Card.
  • In case you own a Mastercard variant of IndusInd Credit Card, you first need to convert it to a VISA variant before obtaining an Add-on Card, because Mastercard is banned currently from issuing fresh cards. You can mail them at priority[.]care[@]indusind[.]com requesting the conversion first and let it process, before applying for the Addon Card.
  • The addon credit card form will ask for an email id and mobile number. All transaction-related confirmation, OTP, etc will come in this mobile number. You can put your primary cardholder mobile number and email id in the addon form if you want OTPs to come in your number.


Before you begin, please ensure you have the following things handy:

  1. Scanned copy of PAN Card of Addon Cardholder.
  2. Scanned copy of Voter ID / Aadhar / Passport / Driving License / Utility Bills in the name of Addon Cardholder, ONLY IF ADDON CARDHOLDER STAYS IN A DIFFERENT ADDRESS. Your add-on card will be delivered there. In case your addon cardholder stays with you at the same address, no need for any address proof.
  3. Your Passport Size Photo (to be attached on the IndusInd Addon Card Application Form).
  4. Addon Cardholder’s signature needs to be taken on the form.
  5. You (Primary cardholder) need to put on your own signature on all the add-on cardholder documents: PAN, Address Proof (if any).

How to Apply for IndusInd Bank Add-on Credit Card?

Applying for an IndusInd Addon Credit Card is one of the easiest amongst all the banks. The entire process can be done at home, and you do not need to visit any bank branch for the same.

For most people, this is going to be a hybrid online + offline process, however, in case you own or have access to an iPad or Samsung Tablet, it will be a 100% paperless online process for you. (check the next heading below)

I am giving the complete details below:

  1. Download the IndusInd Addon Credit Card Application Form.
  2. Take a print-out of the same, and fill it up with necessary details.

Note: In the addon form, they will ask for your 16 Digit Primary Card Number, however, you will find that there are only 12 boxes to fill. You can write the last 4 digits of your card outside the box.

Details to Fill Up: Other than this, it will ask Add-on Cardholder’s name, Date of Birth, Relation to the Primary Cardholder, Gender, their Mothers’ Maiden Name, Address, Mobile Number, Email, PAN Card Number. You will also find a space to attach a passport-size photo and a boxed area for the addon cardholder’s signature.

  1. Take a Passport-sized photo of the Addon Cardholder and attach it to the appropriate area.
  2. At last, ask the addon cardholder to sign on the designated boxed area on the form.
  3. After completely filling up the form, scan it using any Document Scanning Apps on your smartphone.
  4. Scan the other necessary documents that you need to include along with the form. Please make sure you (primary cardholder) put your signature on the Addon Cardholder documents.

Note: Attaching a PAN Card copy is mandatory. You can attach an online downloaded copy of the PAN Card as well if you want (I did the same).

Important: You need to attach address proof only if the addon cardholder stays at a different place and you need card delivery over there. If the add-on cardholder stays with you, then no need to attach any address proofs. Only a PAN Card copy is sufficient.

  1. Mail the form and other documents to priority[.]care[@]indusind[.]com. (Remove the braces).
  2. You will get an email response from them within 2 working days that your request is processed.

  1. Your add-on credit card will get despatched the next day via Bluedart, and will be delivered to you in 1-2 days depending on where you stay. Overall you can expect to get it within 5-6 days after applying.

Tips for iPad/Samsung Tablet Users (100% Online Paperless Process)

In case you are using an iPad or Samsung Tablet that allows you to write on the Tablet itself, then no need to take a printout of the form. Just use any PDF Editor App to fill up the form with your Apple Pencil / SPen. Then attach the soft copy of the Passport Size photo to the appropriate area, and finally ask the addon cardholder to sign on the form.

After that, you can mail the same just like the usual process. It will be treated equally as valid.

I tried via this method only, where I used my iPad to fill up the form digitally. I was able to get the addon card from IndusInd Bank successfully.

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