FinTalks Community Rules [MUST READ]

Welcome to the FinTalks Community

We want this community to be a safe and civilized one. Hence, we are introducing the following community rules. Kindly go through these rules if you are new to the community.

Kindly note that the following rules will apply for our Facebook group FinTalks as well.

1. No Service Providers:

Posting or commenting about providing services (insurance, cards etc.) not allowed.

If someone is asking for help regarding any service, help in the comments section directly. Comments like ‘Inbox me for Details’ not allowed.

If someone is asking for opinions regarding any service, give your neutral opinions or mention that you are associated with the service.

I have already made a detailed post on this specific topic on our FinTalks Group. Check it out.

2. No Off-Topic or Fun Posts:

Off-Topic Posts, Funny Posts, Memes, Trolls, Jokes, etc. are not allowed in general.

In case you are making funny comments, make sure you know the other person closely, that way it won’t harm the community. In case it is between unknown people, the other party may get offended or feel targeted and report your comments.

3. No General Statements without Reason:

Do not give any Financial Statements without proper research. You might be giving correct statements, but please let us know the reasons why do you think so. Reasons like, I am a market analysts, I am an insider etc. won’t suffice.

4. No Showing Off Cards/Services/Credit Scores etc.

If you got any new credit card or service or policy etc., then you are allowed to post about it with full details including its features, advantages and disadvantages, charges, how to apply etc. You are also expected to reply any queries that you get in your post. Simply posting image of a new card or account without information is not allowed.

5. No Openly Dealing with Members for Card Offers:

If you choose to deal with any member for any card offer, the risk and responsibility is completely yours. FinTalks does not take any responsibility about it. Openly posting about asking for cards or ‘inbox for deal’ etc comments not allowed.

6. No Promotions or Spam:

Promoting your links, spamming with irrelevant stuffs not allowed. Anything that does not goes in line with the community will be reported.

7. No Harassment / Hate Speech / Slangs / Abuse etc.

This is a member-active policy. If someone is indulging in fights, or harassing you, using slangs or hate speech against you, or otherwise making you feel unsafe in this community, all you need to do is Report to Admins. It will be dealt with. Please report to Admins anytime you feel so.

8. Regarding Violations:

Group Admin reserves the right to either restrict or fully ban a member without warning if any post or comment of the member gets reported under the above categories.

9. Use the Group Search Actively:

If you have a query to ask, kindly use the Group Search First (especially on our Facebook Group). Most likely it has been discussed earlier. Also, feel free to Google or YouTube. There are amazing information out there on the internet. The most common queries you will get answers easily.

10. Let’s maintain a Safe Community:

Let’s promise towards creating a safe environment inside this community, where everyone helps and respects each other. Pulling legs or trolling someone might give you instant happiness, but you cannot achieve something big out of it. So, let’s invest our time and energy towards participating in healthy discussions.

Lastly, an Admin do not control a group. It’s the members and members alone that keep a community thriving. You decide where you want to take it further! :slight_smile:

FinTalks Forum Posting Guidelines:

Okay, the following rules apply only to this Forum alone, and NOT on our Facebook Group.

  1. Post Informative Threads: Kindly understand that we made this forum with the intention of archiving important topics/discussions from our Facebook Group. So, if you are creating a new thread here, make sure you add some informative/valuable posts that will help this community in the future.
  2. Search First: If you have a query regarding a topic, first try to search and find whether it has been discussed earlier. In case you do not find any, then you may create a new thread. In case you find it, you can reply to the old thread.
  3. Engage: Appreciate good threads with ‘Love’ reaction. Comment on other threads. The more you engage inside the community, the more exposure you will get.
  4. Earn Badges: You can earn badges based on your activity inside the community. Occasionally, we will create special badges that you can earn.
  5. No Referral/Affiliate Links: Adding referral or affiliate links are not allowed. If you need to share/ask for referral, mention something like, “DM for Referral”, or, “Can someone inbox me the Referral Link?”, and then send the links over inbox.
  6. Report: Found any post or thread that goes against our community? Feel free to report them. We will take care of it.

That’s all for now.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to join our FinTalks Facebook Group & FinTalks Telegram Channel for regular updates on banking and finance.