FamCard Prepaid Card for Teens: How to Apply?

FamPay has introduced a prepaid card aimed at youngsters or teenagers, to curate a responsible spending habit at an early age itself. This card is known as FamCard. It is a VISA Platinum Card, issued in partnership with IDFC First Bank.

FamPay Card Features:

  • The physical card is numberless so that the card details are not exposed.
  • Your kid will also earn Famcoins on every transaction, that they can use to redeem gifts from inside the app.
  • 2 Factor Authentication is mandatory for payments, which adds an extra layer of security.
  • 24x7 Support available.

Things to Know about FamPay Card:

  • Payment Processor: VISA Platinum.
  • Banking Partner: IDFC First Bank.
  • Cardholder Age Limit: 11 to 20 years only. In case you are above 20 years, you cannot apply for this card. In case you are a parent and your child is between this age, you can gift them this card. Please note, the cardholder has to do KYC verification before the card is activated.
  • Joining Fees: ₹99.
  • Annual Fees: Nil.

How to Apply for FamCard?

You can apply for FamPay PrePaid Card in 3 easy steps:

It will ask you to choose your preferred card. Choose FamCard. It has the minimum charges.

Next, you will be asked to put your preferred name/signature on the card. You can put in anything.

Finally, you will be asked to enter the address where your FamPay Card will be shipped.

On the last page, you will be asked to pay the charges ₹99 and you will be getting your card delivered within a week. Enjoy!

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