Credit Card Rejected? Here's the Cooldown Period You Have to Wait

In case you apply for a Credit Card and it gets rejected, in most cases, you cannot re-apply right away. It will get declined immediately. You have to wait for a specific period of time before you can apply again. This waiting period is termed as ‘Cooldown Period’.

Different banks can have different cooldown periods. In today’s post, I am listing down the cooldown periods for the most popular banks so that it helps you take an informed decision.

Things to Note:

  1. This cooldown period only applies to regular applications where you approach the bank for applying credit card and get rejected for any reason.
  2. In case you get a pre-approved credit card offer, the cooldown period doesn’t apply.
  3. In case you apply for a secured credit card against Fixed Deposit, the cooldown period doesn’t apply.
  4. Every time you apply, the bank will do a Hard Inquiry which may affect your CIBIL Score. Check out my other post to know about the CIBIL Inquiry Amounts of each bank.

Credit Cards’ Cooldown Period List:

Bank Cooldown Period Remarks
AU Bank 6 Months
Axis Bank No Cooldown 1
BOB Cards 3 Months
HDFC Bank 6 Months
ICICI Bank 6 Months
IndusInd Bank 3 Months
IDFC First Bank 6 Months
RBL Bank 3 Months
SBI No Cooldown
Yes Bank 3 Months


  1. Axis Bank has a 6 months cooldown period theoretically. But it is not strictly followed, especially if you apply via 3rd parties such as Flipkart App (for Axis Flipkart CC) or Google Pay App (for Axis Ace CC).
  2. SBI has no cooldown period. If you have your credit card rejected, you can easily re-apply again.

Please comment on other credit cards’ cooldown periods and I will update it. Thank you.

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