Basics of Mutual Fund for Beginners

Are you an absolute beginner to Mutual Funds? Don’t know where to begin with or what to search for? This thread will help.

Gaurav Gupta did a live session inside our FinTalks Facebook Group on 30th August 2020 discussing the absolute basics of mutual funds. You should definitely check it out.

He also shared a small piece of paper with some keywords that you can Google yourself to read and learn more about Mutual Funds. I am putting it below:

Alright, you did your homework, but still not convinced where to put your money into and need some blind suggestions?

Well, we did run a poll on our Facebook Group asking others about the Mutual Funds they have invested into. Read about it here: Which Mutual Funds did most FinTalks members invest into? - Investment / Mutual Funds - FinTalks

I will be updating this thread with other resources from time to time. Keep visiting.

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