Axis Bank Addon Card Experience: A Lesson to Learn

This is a first-hand experience faced by me while applying for Axis Bank Addon Card. As you probably know Axis Bank is too strict on issuing Addon Cards, rather, they themselves do not want you to apply for Addon Cards.

I have already covered the process on GUIDE: How to Apply for Axis Bank Addon Credit Card?. Btw, in case you don’t know about Addon Cards, refer to: Add-on Credit Cards Explained: Features, Benefits, How to Apply?

Okay here goes my story:


So after converting Axis MyZone to LTF, I tried to get Addon Card for the same.

Went to Axis Branch. Initially they said that we are not sourcing addon for existing cards. We can only apply addon for new applications via branch.

After some word exchange, and after stating them that I have Neo and Ace CC with addons, why are you denying me for MyZone, and also I am having Axis Bank account with you since over a decade… (its sad that we have to say these things, ideally they should process addon application anytime a customer wants)…

Finally the branch employee agreed. She bought a Form. This form is DIFFERENT from the addon card form available online. It said something like “Customer Request Form”.

She asked for:

My Primary card. (MyZone CC)

My Aadhaar Card.

My PAN Card.

My Axis Bank Customer ID.

Addon Cardholder Passport Size Photo.

Took xerox of aadhaar and pan, and wrote down the card number, customer id etc in the form. In the “requests“ section, there were some checkboxes, but she manually wrote in pen “Add-on Card” and made a checkbox and ticked it ✅.

I asked, won’t you take Addon Cardholder details and documents?

She said, send me Addon Cardholder Name, DOB, and PAN Number. That’s sufficient. No need to share documents of addon cardholder.

I asked for next course of action:

She said I will get a CASE ID in my SMS/Email, I should share the CASE ID with her. That’s all.

The card will be processed within 7-10 days.

Let’s see what happens. Fingers crossed!:crossed_fingers:

I will share once I get any updates. Meanwhile, you can also try getting Addon Card for existing Primary Card.




Duniya jhukti hai…jhukane wala chaiye!:fire:

One complaint to PNO and Axis employee called next day for reconsideration… !:heart:

In short: Went to Axis branch for addon card for myzone. They took all details, documents etc. and then didn’t process it. I got no sms/email update.

Complained to Axis PNO after 2 weeks with branch name and employee name. Next day employee called me and said that upper heads (branch manager, regional nodal officer) have instructed to resolve this ASAP.

She at first offered to provide Axis Select CC LTF as primary card to the addon card holder. I insisted that I need addon card for existing cc only.

Then she said okay, come to our branch again with docs and we will process it again. We cannot process the old application as we have to destroy the KYC documents within 2 days. So we don’t have any docs.

Unfortunately, I have come to Guwahati now and will only be able to redo it when I go back to Kolkata. I don’t have addon cardholder documents with me, else they would have done it from Guwahati Axis branch itself.

Soon after, she requested me to take off the complaint as it’s causing her huge corporate issues within the company. I agreed coz I am unable to visit their branch immediately.

That ends the matter.

But I have some more things to say:

  1. This is NOT that specific employee’s problem, there seems to have a clear instructions from higher authorities of axis Bank to reject addon cards, unless they are Magnus or Reserve CC. So all branch people, customer support, and even PNO will simply say, we are not processing addon cards as of now (if you directly ask them). I have been through this harrowing process earlier.

  2. However, despite this, axis on face will display addon card application on their website,faq, and also show a addon card form. Basically on the internet they will not deny it. But in person, they will deny.

  3. Now, if a user complaints to PNO about addon card not processed, that’s when things overturn 180 degrees. PNO reverts back to nodal, nodal redirects it to BM, and BM starts scolding the employee, who is just a pawn in this game, acting according to instructions.

That’s also partially the reason I agreed to take off the complaint. I emphathize with the employee, however I have also suffered A LOT. This is not the service I want from Axis Bank as a whole. And also, I have to redo this entirely all again!

Moral: Upar hi likha hai… Raad the first line of this post again!

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Nice write-up. But TLDR :-D. I don’t understand the circus that goes on in India regarding add-on cards. Why do myself and other half (wife (worse half), GF/Mistress(better half)) need to use different credit-cards? It gets difficult for us to manage and track our expenses. After living in the US for 20yrs, this has been one of the hardest things for me to digest. At times, I have vented my anger at the bank employee only to regret that this might have been a standing order from the higher-up policy making babus.

RBI CMS has been a big help for me to resolve these type of issues.

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What is RBI CMS? Do elaborate as I was in the US as well before.

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I applied add on card for my axis atlas card via app for my sister.It went smoothly.The process just involves video kyc for add-on applicant and with in next 5 days ,she got the card.

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RBI CMS is RBI Ombudsman scheme. Refer to: GUIDE: How to reach out RBI Ombudsman for Grievance Redressal?

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Yup. The new process is very smooth.