ZeroBalance: Get a Virtual Card for Free Trials in India

Do you want to sign up for Free Trials from different service providers, but do not want to use your actual bank-issued cards? Now you can use ZeroBalance Virtual Cards for the same.

ZeroBalance is a unique concept that generates a virtual trial card for you that you can use anywhere. They are powered by Yes Bank and Rupay. Note that this is ONLY FOR INDIA, and won’t work for international transactions.

ZeroBalance Features:

How to use ZeroBalance?

At first, you need to Sign Up for ZeroBalance. You can use your email or Google account for signing up.

Next, you need to enter your PAN No, Gender, and Birthdate for KYC verification.

Now, you need to enter your Mobile Number and verify it with OTP.

That’s all, you have now unlocked your free virtual trial card.

Tap on the card to view the card details.

You will find a list of services offering free trials from within the app itself. You can also use it elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many virtual cards can be generated with ZeroBalance?
Ans: One virtual card per PAN only. This is made to ensure a fair use policy and the services are not misused. However, the introduction of one-time virtual cards is in their roadmap. Check the upcoming features below.

Q: Are there any charges involved?
Ans: No, this is a Lifetime Free Card. No charges are involved whatsoever.

Q: Can we load funds into these virtual cards?
Ans: No, as the name suggests, these are zero-balance cards, and funds cannot be loaded onto them. In fact, bank accounts can not be linked to these cards at all.

Upcoming Features:

I signed up and found these, they are collecting user suggestions for future developments. Here’s what you can expect in the future:

Good to see one-time virtual cards on the list. Let’s hope they can make it!

That’s all about ZeroBalance. You can follow them on Producthunt too, in case you are interested in its growth.

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