Wrongly transaction credit card to upi

an erroneous transaction that occurred recently from my credit card to a UPI (Unified Payments Interface) account. Transaction from my Credit Card On 07-07-2023, 08:47 PM the UTR Number for this transaction is 318876362198. I would like to request your assistance in rectifying this issue and reversing the transaction.

Details of the transaction are as follows: Credit Card Holder Name: Suraj Rawat Credit Card No. Transaction Date: 07-07-2023 Transaction Amount: 24,000/Charges: 396/UTR No.: -Transaction Made from: - CRED (DreamPlug Technology) (Education Fee) Recipient’s UPI: Recipient’s Name: Vineeta Rawat D/o Prem Parkash
Account Number- IFSC Code-

Bank of Baroda and pnb Said:- This is the wrong amount transfer in another account by you. Hence, the liability of such transactions lies with the cardholder and BFSL shall not be liable for such transactions as already informed you that we have no chargeback rights for under reason amount wrongly transfer to incorrect account.
On good faith basis we will take up your case to concerned bank but we cannot assure the outcome of the dispute.

Request you to kindly personally visit PNB Bank and asked shared the details and asked him to freeze the said account and recover back the amount.
Any updates shall be intimated to you

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Kindly reach out to the recipient via upi apps like phonepe gpay etc and use the chat option. You can also reach out to the concerned bank.

Also, I have removed sensitive information from your message, including credit card number, bank ACC details etc.


Send an email to BHIM support. I did get my money back but it took a month or two.

Recipient: bhim.support@npci.org.in

Subject: Dispute a transaction - Incorrect Amount Paid


Phone Number: 8xxxxxxxx7
Transaction Date: 09-06-2022
Transaction Details: UPI/22312029/UPI/hotels**/HDFC BANK LTD/APYAPz7K7gedmZnmsZ0EMDwFc6c6niWhIT0/
Transaction Amount: 7,725.00
Issue: I want to dispute this UPI Transaction. I paid the merchant Rs.7725.00 instead of the agreed upon amount of Rs.6900. I have chat transcripts to prove my point. Merchant initially promised to refund the excess amount of Rs.825 but has not been responding to refund requests. Please raise a dispute in this regard. Thanks.

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No response already tried many times :confused:. No help from pnb bank or Bank of Baroda. I think last option is RBI otherwise I’ll go to consumer court