Smallcase is now Transparent than ever! :)

This was posted by Anit Shah on our FinTalks Facebook Group on 25th June 2021.

Smallcase is now Transparent than ever! :grinning:

At last, they heard the complaints and made major improvements. New updates include:

  1. No more CAGR of backtested data. Only Live returns are shown on the home page & search results.

  2. Smallcases that have been live for under a year, will show absolute return instead of CAGR

  3. New ‘Include New Smallcases’ filter

  4. Now u can also edit the Rs100 amount to check returns accordingly

  5. Today they also announced they will be charging the standard Rs100+18 gst on Smart Beta & All Weather Investing Smallcases instead of Rs50 on every order.

  6. Dark theme :heart:

Read their blog post in detail: Making CAGR more contextual

Guess this is going to be huge for Smallcase as major issues are solved with this update! :grinning:

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