SlayPay Prepaid Payment Card: How to Apply?

It’s 2022 and we are seeing a flood of fintech startups. SlayPay is the latest entrant in this run-up, and they are introducing a PrePaid Payment Card that can be customized and personalized according to your wish so that every generated card is unique.

How does SlayPay works?

  1. Visit SlayPay Website. You do not need to download any app as of now.
  2. Click on Reserve Now to reserve your SlayPay Card.
  3. Enter your Name, Email, and Mobile Number.
  4. In the Have an Invite Code, enter r4c5ae629n or r5f8eed96a.
  5. Click on ‘Register’.
  6. Once your registration is complete, you will find a waitlist like this.

You can refer your friends to move up the waitlist. Once you reach the top, you will see this banner.

Once SlayPay launches and ships my card, I will update this post.

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