Prepay loans with shopping rewards and CC points

Hey Guys,
I’m building EMIswift - Rewards card to pay back your EMIs.
We help users repay their loans faster by converting shopping rewards into cash to prepay EMIs, potentially saving 3 years on a 20-year home loan. We convert all the coupons, cashbacks and other rewards earned by the user on daily shoppings to cash to pay back towards EMIs.

  • Convert all daily shopping rewards towards EMIs
  • Supported most public banks and all stores. Including groceries.
  • No need to visit bank branch

We’re in Beta and actively inviting users. I’d love to chat about your loans and shopping habits as we build.

Please do check out and drop your email.

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Welcome to FinTalks community, Srikanth. Although not in a need of any emi (or loans), just signed up on your platform to test what/how features…

So if a person does not have any emi this platform is not for him?