PayTM Wallet Transit Card Explained: Features, Benefits, How to Apply & Use?

So PayTM has introduced their PayTM Wallet Transit Card, which is a National Common Mobility Card (NCMC). You can order the card for yourself and use it. In this post, I will talk about the PayTM Wallet Transit Card, its features, and how you can order your physical card right now.

What is PayTM Wallet Transit Card?

PayTM Wallet Transit Card is a National Common Mobility Card (NCMC). NCMC is a type of transit card that you can use while commuting on public transport, metros, retail shopping, food orders, paying toll taxes etc.

PayTM Transit Card Features:

  • Banking Partner: PayTM Payments Bank.
  • Payment Processor: RuPay
  • Only ₹250 one-time joining fee. No Annual Charges.
  • Use your PayTM Wallet Balance to recharge your Transit Balance.
  • Use the card at any store offline via Contactless Tap & Pay support.
  • Use the card for online shopping anywhere. Only domestic payments supported.
  • Use the card to pay for Metro Rides. No separate Metro cards needed.

How to Apply for the PayTM Wallet Transit Card?

  • Buy your PayTM Wallet Transit Card for ₹250. This is a one time fee.
  • Your Card will be shipped via Bluedart to your Address.
  • Your card number will be different than the one shown in your PayTM app initially, and it won’t be having any name. You have to scan the QR Code given in the back of your card, using PayTM App to link the new PayTM Wallet Transit Card to your PayTM Account.
  • After linking your Transit Card, you will get ₹100 added to your Transit wallet. I am not sure if this is some temporary offer. But as of now I got this.

How to use your PayTM Wallet Transit Card?

Simply tap and use your PayTM Wallet Transit Card at any NCMC supported network. Currently, this can be used in the following networks:

  • Delhi Metro, including Airport Express Metro.
  • Noida Metro.
  • Ahmedabad Metro.
  • Bengaluru Namma Metro.
  • Kochi Metro.
  • Mumbai Metro.
  • Nagpur Metro.
  • Pune Metro.
  • Chennai Metro.
  • Hyderabad Metro.
  • Jaipur Metro.
  • Kanpur Metro.
  • Maharashtra BEST Bus.
  • Navi Mumbai Bus.
  • Goa KTC Bus.

This list is updated as of July 2023. More and more transit networks will be accepting NCMC cards soon. So you don’t need to carry different cards to travel across India. You can use only one NCMC card.

PayTM Wallet Transit Card FAQ:

Q: How to recharge the PayTM Wallet Transit Card?
Ans: Just add money to your PayTM Wallet and from there you can transfer to your Transit Wallet.

Q: Will this card be available to Minimum KYC PayTM users or only Full KYC users?
Ans: PayTM Wallet Transit Card will be available for both minimum KYC and full KYC users.

Q: Is PayTM Wallet Transit Card a Credit Card? Does applying this card affect my CIBIL Score?
Ans: No, this is a prepaid card based on PayTM Wallet. This is NOT a credit card and applying this card won’t harm your CIBIL score.

Q: Will there be any annual fee associated with the PayTM Wallet Transit Card?
Ans: There is only one time joining fee. No Annual charges.

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