NPCI: Huge Upgrade In IMPS

NPCI: Huge Upgrade In IMPS

• Now send money to anyone via IMPS with just receiver Mobile number + Bank name.
• Verify the receiver bank register name and pay (IMPS limit is 5 lakhs per transaction).

Similarly: CheQ, Cred and Paytm announced to live CC bill pay via Virtual CC number

• Just enter register mobile number + last 4 digit of actual credit card and pay.
• Payment will instant credit via IMPS.
• No hassles of sharing full card details.

India is progressing very fast, and being a active part of this era, we need to be more responsible.

This is marking too much centralisation, and with every move your mobile number or certain elements are becoming increasingly important, So I just ask everyone to keep things in check.


We should focus on decentralisation too :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

#Bitcoin & #Gold is the option :thinking: I guess