How to Apply for IDFC First Credit Card? (All Cards Compared)

IDFC First Bank has launched 4 New Credit Cards. In the order (low to high) they are arranged as follows:

Apply for IDFC First Credit Card

  1. IDFC First Millennia Credit Card.

  1. IDFC First Classic Credit Card.

  1. IDFC First Select Credit Card.

  1. IDFC First Wealth Credit Card.

  1. Side By Side Comparison of the 4 IDFC Credit Cards.

Apply for IDFC First Credit Card


  • All are Lifetime Free credit cards. No membership charges.

  • All cards have same reward points and same reward ratio. (Check below)

  • The differences between the cards arises in the other privileges that varies from card to card, forex markup fees etc. Here’s a Side-By-Side-Comparison. (IDFC Millennia vs Classic vs Select vs Wealth Credit Card).

Reward Points & Reward Ratio:

  • 1 Reward Point = 25 paise; 4 Reward Points = ₹1.

  • Earn 6x Reward Points (1.5%) on regular online transactions.

  • Earn 3x Reward Points (0.75%) on offline retail spends.

  • Earn 10x Reward Points (2.5%) on spends above ₹20000, and all spends on your birthday.

  • Reward Points are valid lifetime, and there’s no monthly cap on how much points you can earn.

  • No reward points on Fuel Transactions, Cash withdrawals, EMI Transactions, and Insurance Transactions.

Dynamic Interest Rates:

  • All the cards have same interest rates, just in case you fail to pay credit card bills on time.

  • The interest rate is dynamic and varies from 0.75% – 2.99% per month (9% – 35.88% per year). This is going to be market disrupting, offering only 9% annual interest rates.

  • The interest rate will vary according to your cibil score. The better your credit score is, the lower your rate.

  • As you keep using the card, this interest rate will also fluctuate depending on your usage pattern, and you will be notified prior to any changes in your interest rates.

Compare IDFC cards side-by-side

Apply for IDFC First Credit Card

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