How do I change the signature in HDFC CC account?

I have HDFC IOCL card, I have been using it from 2.5 years, I did not received any limit increase, Its 20K only. My other cards have 1 lac limit. I asked Hdfc customer care to increase limit, I shared salary slips and required documents but they said my signature is not matching with thier records. Now the problem is I took this card on call, some third party agency of cc signed the documents behalf of me but I don’t know what was the sign. HDFC Customer care told me I can sign the documents according to my pan they will chenge it in thier records but still they are saying its getting mismatched. I visited nearby branches but they cannot help with this because I don’t have hdfc savings account.

So should I close this credit card? I have read this internet that u should not close the old cc account, if you close it, it will impact your cibil score, so ois there any way to increase limit or change signature? any idea or suggestions would be great help.


You can close this card and apply for a new card freshly. Since you have salary slips etc you can easily get it within 3 months of closing existing card.

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