HDFC ends 5X RP / 5% Cashback benefits via SmartBuy

It seems HDFC is ending support for Amazon smart buy benefits program.

I had a few questions:
• Does it mean we’d be required to buy gift cards via Gyftr instead as we do for some other brands?
• What happens to some specific cards like HDFC Millennia CC that basically drove sign-ups based on this benefit. Would this benefit be exclusively applicable to these cards?

I wonder what they plan next. :slight_smile:

Yes @ins , the future of Amazon is uncertain particularly for HDFC users. Even Giftyr gift cards are now costly due to taxes. Now smartbuy also becoming useless. Have to see what’s in store for us.

Will surely update if I come to know anything worthy.

Another Update: Axis Grab Deals Cashback for Amazon is also going to be discontinued from 1st July 2022! This is bad :frowning: