HDFC credit card

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I’m a imperia customer for the last 2 months and maintaining balance of around 15L. What’s the best way to get a credit card and also I tried contacting rm but he is of no use. I got a popup in offers section in netbanking, does this mean anything?

Wait for another 2 months, you will get Regalia or Diners Privelege Credit Card offer.


HDFC Bank Sucks, Too much reliance on Bank RM Babugiri. The process should be straight forward, seamless and completely online. My RM is trying to sell his own suite of products that I am not interested in. I am at the mercy of RM for credit card approvals.


have you got any credit card offer? I have a preferred account & I am maintaining 6L

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After filing two RBI complaints and wasting too much time with my RM/BM for LTF Infinia, I finally got straight-up 8L limit enhancement bank offer on the portal which I accepted. Suckers won’t even consider C2C. I have LTF Emeralde and LTF Sapphiro with 10L limits on each.

My Account: Regalia Card - 8L LE offer + BM made my card LTF after RBI complaint.
Wife’s A/c: Card upgraded from Millennia to Regalia LTF

We maintain zero balance in both our HDFC accounts and had multiple small transactions in London/Lisbon/NYC. There is no rhyme or reason to what HDFC does.

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What did you made a complaint about ?

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I maintained substantial balance after account opening in October 22 but did not get the Regalia card for four months. Filed first RBI complaint against the RM and BM and got the card within a week but it was not LTF. Spent around 1.5L in the first month and made couple of bill payments via auto-pay but in spite of this the card was not made LTF and hence the second complaint…

This same trick worked with ICICI bank and they issued me LTF Emeralde. This was an easy one as I was maintaining substantial balance with the bank but they only issued me LTF Sapphiro.

Currently I maintain zero balance in HDFC accounts. Both our accounts are tagged as Imperia.

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