HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card & It's Benefits 🔥

PC: Siddharth Raman

Charges: 500 + GST annually. Charges are waived for HDFC Salary accounts or Savings Max accounts.


• 5% cashback on PayZapp or Smartbuy

• 2.5% cashback on shopping i.e. on Flipkart, Amazon etc

• 1% on other transactions i.e. wallet loads, credit card payments etc

• Total rewards is capped at 400 RP/month

• Bonus - 5% cashback upto 1000 on Gift Vouchers purchase via Smartbuy per month. P.s. Smartbuy has introduced 2.5% & 3.25% + GST on ASV & AGV respectively.

• Cashback will be credited in 4 month after the transaction (i.e. 90 days), you can redeem via HDFC netbanking.

• You can get rewards worth ₹16,800 annually.

How to milk the benefits?

• If you use it on smartbuy only then 5% upto 400 (card benefits) + 5% upto 1000 (smartbuy bonus), total 1400 RP/month you’ll be getting. Since Smartbuy charging convenience fees on AGV & ASV, better to buy Flipkart GV without convenience fee on smartbuy.

• For example, if you buy Flipkart GV worth 8k via Smartbuy with Millennia DC, you’ll get 400 + 400 = 800 cashback, meaning 10% cashback on Flipkart GV.

• In another example, if you buy worth 20k, you’ll get 1400 cashback, meaning 7% cashback on Flipkart GV. So buy accordingly as per your needs. P.s. there is cap of buying maximum 10k p.m. on Flipkart, Amazon, etc GVs.

• If you use Millennia DC for 40k credit card payments worth 40k via Mobikwik, Paytm etc only, then 1% upto 400 cap will be over & you’ll get 5% cashback upto 1000 if you purchase any GV via Smartbuy now.

Hope you’ve understood the benefits & enjoy the rewards :heart:. Ask if any query.


awesome… thank you for this detailed guide.

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This is the information I was looking for, thank you Dhruv!
Can you please help me how can I reach out to HDFC Debit Card Team for this debit card? Actually my wife has a salary account with HDFC Bank and have Times Point Debit Card as well. TIA

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check-in app for debit card upgrade, you will find option to upgrade to millennia card

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You can apply via HDFC Bank app.

If you have 25k+ MAB or salary account.

No annual charges will be levied.

Heyy, how to waive off that 500 + gst charges annually…?

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Have salary account or savings max (25k mab) account to waive off charges.

I have normal 10K mab savings account with this millennia debit card.
How to upgrade to savings max account.
If I have funds more than 25k for 3-4 months, can automatically offer generated for savings max. Upgrade…?

And can this account be zero balance savings account with millennia DC…?

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Automatically upgrade doesn’t work always.

You can manually request bank to upgrade it via branch.

No, you’ll have to maintain the balance.

rm telling no two benefits cane clubbed and will get only 5% as cash and not cash points please guide me

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@SUBHAJEET_DASGUPTA cashpoint will be converted to cash.

And for Smartbuy purchases you’ll get double benefits.

Mobikwik has started leving the charges for credit card bill payment using the millenia debitcard so whats the option now to pay the hdfc creditcard bill using millenia debit card and also get the 2.5% back and and paying 0 charges any trick pelase?

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I think you can also use pisabazaar because they give anthoer option too

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Yes, pay other bank credit card bill (16k max) using HDFC bill pay and earn 2.5% upto 400 cashback.

Now, almost all apps levying charges on add money.

Amazon Pay, Bajaj Finserv app, etc have free wallet load using DC.

Paisabazar for what?