GUIDE: How to Apply for Axis Kiwi RuPay Credit Card Lifetime Free?

Axis Kiwi RuPay Credit Card Features:

  • Only virtual card. No physical card available.
  • Card is given mainly for UPI spend purposes. Can be used for regular online transactions also.
  • Lifetime Free Credit Card: No joining fees or annual fees.
  • Earn up to 2% Cashback as Kiwicoins on UPI transactions.

How to Apply for Axis Kiwi RuPay Credit Card?

Sign up for Axis Kiwi RuPay Credit Card from link given here: Click here. Use promocode: KIWI6I69IL if prompted.

• Everything fetched from Experian Report ( I had an existing Axis credit card relationship)

• No KYC or Docs Verification was done.

• ₹250 worth of Kiwis on first transaction.

• Time taken - 5 minutes.

• Any questions? Ask.

Axis Kiwi Rupay Credit Card FAQ:

Q: Will I get Axis Kiwi Rupay Credit Card if I already have 3 axis bank credit cards?

Ans: No. Your Axis Kiwi Rupay Credit Card application will be declined if you already have 3 Axis Bank Credit Cards. Refer to: Maximum Number of Credit Cards Allowed per User in each Bank

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Idhar waitlist hi waitlist… abhi waitlist 0 hai, still no update.

Btw, congrats on your new card. Tried doing UPI payments with it? Any issues?

Maybe they’ll launch at 30th June at max. Because they’re in much much hurry than us. They have to capture the market.

First of all, thank you.

I didn’t try UPI payment yet. But UPI was set on Kiwi app smoothly.

Btw, edited your post a bit to add some information :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your time :grinning:.

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I did UPI it’s good and cashback is instant

Great :+1:. I personally liked their onboarding process for existing users.


Does it count against the AXIS CC number of cards limit?

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Unfortunately, yes. It does count against axis cc limit. So, don’t take it if not needed.

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