GUIDE: Get Airport & Railway Lounge Access without physical card using DreamFolks

Now you do not need to carry your physical card to access Airport or Railway lounges anymore. With DreamFolks you can access any Airport or Railway Lounge with ease by just showing your QR Code and boarding pass. Read along to find out how to use it.

Important Points:

  1. DreamFolks can be used to access any Domestic Airport Lounge, International Airport Lounge, Railway Lounge, as well as Domestic Spa without carrying your physical card.
  2. If you are issued a separate DreamFolks Card by your bank for international lounge access, you can add it here too.
  3. You cannot add Priority Pass (for international lounge access) to DreamFolks Portal.
  4. You need to carry your Boarding Pass along with you while accessing Lounge.
  5. In some lounges, you need to stand in the regular queue if you have a DreamFolks QR Code. You can directly check in to the lounge by scanning the QR Code.
  6. You may not generate QR Codes for others. Your name will be matched.
  7. If you have further queries regarding Airport Lounge Access, Refer to: Airport Lounge Access FAQ: All your Queries Answered

How to get Airport & Railway Lounge Access without Physical Card?

Visit the DreamFolks Portal.

Enter your Mobile Number and verify via OTP.

Click on Add Card button on the Top Right.

You can add your Credit and Debit Cards one by one by entering all the details here. Note that you will be charged ₹2 for authorization per card.

After adding all your cards, you can visit the homepage and you will find the option to browse Airport or Railway Lounges.

Once you select ‘Airport Lounge’ you can find eligible lounges showing up. You can choose the dropdown on top left to choose your airport.

If you choose Railway Lounge, you will find the eligible lounges showing up.

If you have International Lounge Access, it will show up too:

Finally, in case you have Spa Access on your card, you can also access it using Dreamfolks:

Once you select a Lounge, you have to complete a no-refundable payment of ₹2 to generate a QR code that you can use to access your Airport or Railway Lounge.

Remember, the QR Code will be valid for 48 hours only, so use it while it lasts. You may also cancel your QR Code if you do not wish to access the lounge. You will retain your lounge access quota on your card, however, you won’t be getting back your non-refundable payment of ₹2.

This is a good way to use lounge access without a physical card and without name matching in Indian lounges.

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Diners Club card not supported on this any idea when it will be added

not anytime soon as far I know. :frowning:

Just to update all, you cannot generate Dreamfolks QR Code for others. Your name will be matched before granting your access.

BTW, I generated a QR code for my relative and she was able to use it to get lounge access. This was in Dec’23. Looks like name checking is done on an adhoc basis.

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Yup. It solely depends on the mindset of the person checking the QRs, the crowd that time, and your luck…