GoSats Rewards Card: Earn Bitcoins for Shopping

GoSats is a FinTech startup that has launched a payments card that rewards you with Bitcoin when you shop with your card. Sats stands for Satoshis, and this app rewards you in Satoshis, which are fractional Bitcoins.

Features of GoSats App:

  • Earn Bitcoins on every transaction you do with your GoSats card. The percentage of Bitcoins you earn depends on the type of card you choose. Check the next heading below.
  • If you use your card for offline transactions, you can spin a Bitcoin While after every swipe and get a chance to win 100% cashback in Bitcoins.

Types of GoSats Card:

There are two types of GoSats Card: Intro & Elite. You can choose any card you want. They differ in their rewards ratio and annual fees. The Intro Card is offered with a one-time joining fee, while the Elite Card comes with annual fees.

Here are the differences between the two card types:

Features GoSats Intro GoSats Elite
Fixed Reward Percentage 0.5% 1.5%
Variable Reward Percentage Upto 25% Upto 100%
Bitcoin Deposit Bonus ₹100 ₹250
Myntra Cashback 6% 6%
Joining Fee ₹499 ₹0
Annual Fee ₹0 ₹999

How to Apply for GoSats Bitcoin Rewards Card?

To apply for this card, you need to download the GoSats App.

GoSats is available on Google Play, Apple App Store, as well as Chrome Web Store.

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