Get ICICI Platinum Credit Card against FD

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How to get a credit card instantly without a job, credit score, or salary slip?

Age: For 18+

You can easily get an ICICI platinum credit card against FD, good for score building and shopping offers on ICICI. The ICICI Platinum CC is a Lifetime Free Credit Card.

First of all, for those who have Pockets Account with the same mobile number you want to use for your saving and FD, make sure that the pockets and FD you’re going to create belong to the same person.

I did a mistake, pockets account was in dad’s name, FD for CC is on my name so net banking issues.

If you have a different name on ICICI pockets, then read CASE 1 below. In case both have the same name, it’s good, then read CASE 2 below.

CASE 1: Having ICICI Pockets Account on Different Name:

At first, you need to delete your Pockets Account from the app. It will take two days to get deleted.

After deleting your Pockets Account, visit:

And open Insta Mine Saving accounts with zero MAB.

You will receive an email from your CRM for video verification with the account number.

Do video KYC verification. And wait.

Call customer care and, verify with OTP on the registered number and ask them to enable netbanking on your mine account. They will confirm from you that you want to delink netbanking from pockets and add it to your savings account, say yes. Since one netbanking profile with a number can belong to one person only.

After 1 day of verification success, go to the nearest ICICI branch,

Ask them to open an “FD Card” account:

“FD card” is the name for FD with credit cards combined.

Give them cash or cheque of 10K for FD, you can select 6 months or 12months tenures. I did a 6-month renewal FD. Give them your ICICI MINE account number for linking FD with ICICI MINE saving account. They might upsell you DC or demat acc, don’t fall for it.

They will issue Credit Card instantly hand to hand. It should not take more than 30 minutes for the whole process, if the staffs are dorks then it might take 2 hours also.

They will not ask for salary or any other kind of stuff since it’s a secured CC against FD. You will get upto 90% of FD in credit card limit.

CASE 2: Having ICICI Pockets Account on the same name:

For those who have Pockets on their name, generate netbanking user id and password with help of pockets provided prepaid card and login.

After login, visit: ICICI Bank FD Xtra

Click on “Open FD card” It will take you to the net banking login page, log in with pockets net banking details, fill in necessary details asked, and continue, your FD will be created and you will be eligible for CC against FD.

You can do this from any ICICI branch also for a faster process.

That’s all. Thank you. You may also check out our master post on: How to apply for a Credit Card? (All Methods)

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