Fraud by Cheq cc bill payment app

Fraud Alert*

Please help

i had 8000+ coins in cheq app, which i have collected over a period of time by paying CC bills, even paying processing fees also and i have been collecting coins to redeem one day when i collect enough, so i collected almost 8000 coins which upon conversion with their rate (4:1) ( 4 coins = Rs 1) could have fetched me 2000 rs , but one day they changed their T&C without any notice, without any norification, without any mail.

They changed their conversion rate to (10:1) now this 8000 coins of mine become from Rs 2000 to Rs 800 also i can cant save more than 100 rs in a month from coins

What the hell, how come they can do like this,
I know T&C are subject to change, but what about trust, what about those banners on their app, what about their previous promised amount

I contacted their customer care, written 10 mails, but except apology and saying refer to new T&C they are not doing anything

What should i do now, i really want my money back, please help

I request everyone, not to use this fraud app

Very sad to hear this brother. However, you have nothing to do here, except moving on. Cheq reserves the right to change the value of coins anytime and unfortunately you cannot do anything about it.

same here my 10k and 10+ accounts gone in vain