CRED is showing IDFC Wealth CC (Card Setup Pending) but I do not have Wealth CC


When I checked the CRED App today, it is showing IDFC Wealth CC with a message “Card Setup Pending” and the last four digits of the Credit Card. The interesting thing is that I do not have have a Wealth Credit Card and when I checked with the branch manager he is confirming that there is no credit card linked to my account. This card is not there in my latest credit report.

Has anyone faced this situation before? Any suggestions on how to handle this situation? Thanks in anticipation.

cred read sms so someone who have logged in your account have this card.
For example, i am using my frnd cred and cred is reading my SMS so he is receiving whatsapp msg that payment of xxxx card is due which is my card and when i check cred, cred shows me the card’s last 4 digits and asks to enter full detail ( its my card not my frnd card) just like u are seeing.

Welcome and thanks for your response. However, I have neither shared my account details with anyone nor I have this credit card, The bank guys or the IDFC Customer Service are not very helpful.