Cibil score drastically decreased due to loan closed

Hello, Hope you are doing well and good.

A loan was closed in April which is QUADFIN. In May, my cibil score was 771, Then cibil score was dropped to 710 in july Due to a loan closed.

Till then my cibil score was 710 only in July, August and September also.

As of my knowledge, this is temporary thing and it should recover.

When can I expect my cibil score to recover? Thanks in advance

Generally it depends on the other credit cards or loans you have active on your acc. Don’t worry about this much. There is no fixed timeline for this score to go up. As you do more bill payments, it should go up. As of now, don’t apply for more cards or do credit inquiries of any kind, which might pull your score down further.

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Ok thank you so much :grinning:

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