Can I submit my ITR for a credit limit increase?

I have total income of Rs.27 Lakhs and taxable income (after all the deductions is 21Lakhs)

7months ago I got HDFC regalia with 1.63Lakhs limit on C2C basis. Now can I share my form16 and ask for limit increase to more than 10Lakhs. Same for ICICI-Rubyx and IDFC-first select

Hello @ateethrigvedi firstly welcome to FinTalks forum.

Yes you can approach HDFC bank for a limit increase and ICICI Bank too. For IDFC First bank it will be a bit tricky, they do not have a system of taking ITR and offering limit increase. They do it on a pre-approved basis. Still you can exchange a few mails and try convincing them.

Always contact them via email, so that you have their responses in written. All the best.

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Hello Buddy,

When it comes to HDFC and other Indian Banks, there is no rhyme or reason for any of their actions. Card approvals and credit limit increases are discretionary. Here are some of the tricks that have worked for me. I don’t have any salary income in India.

• Use your card for small transactions abroad. Either you do it yourself or give your card to a friend who is travelling abroad. This is a sure shot way to getting higher limits and premium credit cards.
• Talk directly to your regional credit card head. The thumb rule is “when the bamboo comes from the top, things do move fast”
• File a complaint with big daddy RBI via there CMS system. This approach has given me LTF cards and higher credit limits. I have LTF Emeralde (10L), LTF Sapphiro(10L), LTF Regalia (8L - In seven months)

Good Luck!

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