Best credit cards based on spends - Suggestions required

Hi folks,

I needed some suggestions on the best credits at the moment. Yes, I know, there’s plenty of information available online, but right now it feels too overwhelming, thought I’d use the help of this community. I personally have: Amazon ICICI, Flipkart axis and IDFC select. So whenever we purchase anything from the e-commerce platforms, I get decent cash back. I wanted my sibling to also start using credit cards more effectively, she currently has IDFC select as well.
Spends are mostly on:
Food and grocery delivery (Swiggy/Zomato/Blinkit/Zepto)
Fashion shopping (In-store as well as online)
And other online orders (which is taken care of by my credit cards)

Based on the limited research I have done, I have shortlisted:
SBI Cashback
Axis Ace
Swiggy HDFC card

Would love to get a LTF card, but open to other cards if the annual fee is low/fees can be recuperated quickly. Any help would be very much appreciated. TIA!


Thank you for posting in FinTalks forum.

When someone is starting out with their cc journey, don’t look for cc with features… just focus on getting any cc and building a credit score. Within 1-2 years they will get better cc of their choice.

Since she already has IDFC Select, she can apply for other bank cc via C2C Basis. SBI Cashback is good. Axis Ace is good. Don’t go for swiggy hdfc cc. Take main hdfc cc first. Then apply for swiggy hdfc via shared limit.

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