Basics of Stock Market, Investing & Trading

Are you an absolute beginner in Stock Market? Want to understand how the market works? Want to know how you can invest in the stock market and earn money? You should definitely check this out.

For those who love to watch videos rather than reading:

Check out this Playlist: Stock Market Classes with Pranjal Kamra from the Finology YouTube channel. It is completely free to watch.

Another great resource is the Basics of Stock Market course by CA Rachana Ranade. It is a paid course that you can buy. It is absolutely worth it.

The Introduction to Stocks Playlist by Trade Academy is also a very solid resource. This is again, free to watch on YouTube.

FinBaba is also a good all-purpose youtube channel for financial updates.

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For those who love to read rather than watching videos:

Here’s an interesting thread I got on Quora: Basics of the Stock Market and Investing

It has a very concise, to-the-point explanation of the absolute basics. It’s only meant for absolute beginners who have zero ideas about the market.

Check this thread on Quora: I love stock market trading. I tried to learn from so many YouTube channels, and nothing worked for me. How do I learn trading in a proper way? I want to put my life into it. - Quora

It contains a list of questions and their answers. Read in the same order. You can also bookmark the link to read later.

Also, check out this Fintalks Facebook Group Thread.

YouTube Channels for F&O Trading:

Okay here are some youtube channels that you may follow for getting some insights on Trading and F&O:

Best Apps for Stock Trading and Investment:

Read: Best Apps for Stock Trading & Investments in India

I will keep updating this post with other resources as and when required.

It won’t help everyone but would definitely help a few.

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