Bank of Baroda Credit Cards: FAQ Answered

Seeing people asking the most common queries, again and again, so made a post collecting all the queries and answering them:


Ans: Yes, BOB is currently running a limited period offer, where you can grab BOB CC as Lifetime Free without any conditions/spending criteria. BOB Eterna is NOT available as LTF.

Q: What are the BOB LTF CC that I can avail?

Ans: BOB Premier, BOB Select, and BOB Easy.

  • BOB Premier: Topmost CC, useful for international, travel, and dining spending.
  • BOB Select: Mid-tier CC, useful for online shopping, dining, and utility bills.
  • BOB Easy: Low-end CC, useful for grocery and offline spending.

Q: How to Apply?

Ans: Visit and you will find a Lifetime Free Banner. (Check Attached Image).

Q: Can I apply C2C?

Ans: Yes. You can apply with C2C. While filling up the form, choose ‘I have existing cc’.

Q: Can I apply for Addon CC?

Ans: Yes. Add-on CC can be applied while filling up the form online. If you don’t know about the benefits of Addon Credit Card, read this post: Add-on Credit Cards Explained: Features, Benefits, How to Apply?

Q: What are the documents required?

Ans: Here’s the list, depending on what details you put on your form, it can vary:

  • Aadhar No (and Linked Mobile Number for OTP)
  • Physical PAN Card (for VKYC)
  • Passport Size Photo (soft copy)
  • Latest CC Statement (If you select you have existing CC, then only you will find this)
  • Existing CC Front Pic (Card Number, Expiry, Cardholder Name should be visible, Hide CVV if card details are on the backside)
  • Latest ITR (If you don’t choose C2C, and ‘Self-Employed’, then you will find this)
  • Salary Slip (If you don’t choose C2C, and if you chose ‘Salaried’, then you will find this)
  • Addon Cardholder PAN Card (If you opt for addon cc)
  • Addon Cardholder Passport Size Photo (soft copy)

Q: Will BOB Financial do Hard Enquiry on my CIBIL?

Ans: Yes. You will face a hard inquiry of 50k on your CIBIL.

Q: How to track my BOB CC application status?


Q: What is the overall application timeline?

Ans: Here’s a possible timeline, depending on your luck, it can be faster or slower!

  • Apply online.
  • Within 3-4 business days of application, will get an email asking for documents resubmission if you missed any, or if they cannot fetch it. Submit it via email.
  • Within 3-4 business days of application/email, you will get a link to complete Video KYC. Keep your PAN card handy and a white paper and pen.
  • Within 7-14 business days of VKYC, physical verifications may be done on home and office addresses both. Physical verifications are happening in more than 60-70% of cases.
  • Within 7-21 business days of verifications, your card decision will be finalized.
  • Within 7 business days of card approval SMS, your card will be delivered via Bluedart.

You can get your card within 3 weeks of applying if you are lucky, or it may take over 2 months also!

Q: My CC Application is declined. What is the cooldown period before I can re-apply?

Ans: 3 Months.

Q: What is BOB Customer Care Number?

Ans: Visit BOB Contact Us Page. Click on IVR Services to find their Toll Free Number.

Q: How to confirm my Card Variant, Limit, and LTF status?

Ans: Once your BOB CC is approved, WAIT FOR 24 HOURS at least. Then call their customer care. Choose Language, then choose 3 to speak to the agent. You can ask cc about your card variant, limit, and lifetime free status.

Q: I applied for BOB Premier, but I got BOB Select. Why?

Ans: No matter which BOB cc you choose, they will offer you CC based on your eligibility and creditworthiness only.

Example: Suppose according to BOB your credit profile can get BOB Select CC maximum. Then,

  • If you apply BOB Easy CC, you will get BOB Easy CC.
  • If you apply BOB Select CC, you will get BOB Select CC.
  • If you apply BOB Premier CC, you will get BOB Select CC. (since it is your threshold)

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