Axis Pre-approved Credit Card getting rejected

I hold Axis Liberty Salary account and have a job in IT. Although I have every other bank’s CC with high limit ( 8L-6L ) , every single time Axis rejects my application.
For that reason I opened Salary account with Axis and waited, after 1yr I’m applying through PRE-APPROVED section it is still getting rejected.

I have raised this to PNO & RBI Ombudsman but no help, they just mention “BANKS INTERNAL CRITERIA DOESN’T MET”.

PS. I have Citi Rewards CC though

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Hello @bakaxsama welcome to FinTalks forum.

Sorry to know that your preapproved application is getting rejected.

Do you have any screenshot where it is showing any preapproved credit card?

Not just only I have screenshot, but after applying on day 1 it’s rejected on day 2 on day 3 it’s showing same again on app as pre-approved cards lists as before

Complaint to RBI Ombudsman again. If yours is a pre-approved offer then bank need to comply.

Previously I have escalated this to PNO & then to RBI OMBUDSMAN as well, yet only received only one explanation ; i.e. “bank’s internal criteria” and then they close

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If RBI Ombudsman does not help then you have to file a case in consumer court.