Axis Bank MyZone & Neo is being offered LTF to it's existing Credit Card Customers | Know how to milk retention benefits!

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Posting thread after long time. Let’s come to the topic.

After axis mass devaluation, most of us might be thinking to switch to a Lifetime Free Axis Bank Credit Card.

This the right opportunity for existing customers. Axis Bank is offering Lifetime Free MYZONE (MasterCard) Credit Card to existing credit card customers.

Here’s how:

  1. Open Axis Mobile app, login on top.

  2. Scroll down to ‘Products’ and click ‘Credit Card’

  3. Now select MYZONE Credit Card with 0 joining & annual fees and submit.

  4. Booyah! Your card is now approved.

  1. Now, this card will appear in your Axis Mobile app [Note card last 4 digits].

Note: Axis has 3 card policy, so you can’t apply this one if you already have 3 Axis cards.

Alongside this, Axis Bank Neo Credit Card is also being offered Lifetime Free via Call Method.

Once you have LTF card, you can close existing chargeable card as per you convenience.

Let’s come to the retention benefits of this shit card :grin:.

Axis Bank Retention Conversation Example.

  1. Called Axis Bank - 18001035577

  2. Longer wait time

  3. Asked him to give me Neo (LTF RN)

Agent: can’t process, I already have 3 cards

Me: Can I close one, make space for it?

Agent: yes, sir

Me: close myzone card then

Agent: Sir it’s LTF card (repeatedly 3 times)

Me: Close it, I’ll apply different one

Agent: let me check, let me tell you the benefits first & brr…

Me: Okay fine but I want to close it anyway

Agent: Sir, can you please keep card if I offer you 2500 edge points

Me: Maybe

Agent: Sir, if you keep card I’ll offer you 2500 EP worth ₹500.

Me: Okay sir, process it. I’ll keep the card

Agent (holds & gets back): Sir, I’m taking SR request, EP will be processed within 1 working day.

Me: Okay, thank you sir. Have a great day.

Agent: Same reply & Axis bank promo.

Note that: This was normal customer care executive, not the retention one.

Good luck :crossed_fingers: in looting Axis Bank.

Also, do share your retention story in replies :grin:.