Sovereign Gold Bonds Explained & How to Invest?

What are Sovereign Gold Bonds?

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The bonds will get credited into your account by the issuance date.


  1. One can buy 1 gm to 4 kg of Gold per issue.
  2. The government pays 2.5% per annum of interest on your invested value into your bank account.
  3. The maturity period is 8 years. But one can redeem the bond after the completion of 5 years. If redeemed after 5 years, capital gains are fully exempted. On redemption, you will get the value of gold as per market price.
  4. There is an option of early exit (redemption before 5 years). Early exit can be made by selling those bonds through a demat account on NSE. These bonds are traded on NSE/BSE (though the liquidity is low).


  1. Extra income of 2.5% pa along with gold appreciation value
  2. Government guarantee
  3. No tax on capital gains
  4. Best way to invest in gold for a long period
  5. Net returns are higher than actual gold returns
  6. Loan against SGB is also available

Attaching last 5yrs return (July 2015 - July 2020) from different Gold Investment Instruments:

How to Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds?

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In short, you can invest in SGB via the net-banking facility of your bank. SGB application forms generally ask for your name, address, guardian’s name in case you are a minor, PAN number, and so on and so forth. If you are already KYC verified with your bank, these details may be auto-filled.

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