(Query) ICICI Bank Pre Approved Credit Card

I Have an ICICI Mine Savings Account On My “X” Number and Also Have FD based Credit Card On This Account (Credit Limit - 40.5K)

Now I Have an ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card (Limit - 4.6L) And ICICI Rupay Coral Credit Card (Limit - 2.4L) ) on My “Y” Number… (Same PAN Number Which I Used To Open My ICICI Mine Savings Account)

Now I Got a Pre Approved Credit Card Upgrade Offer On My “X” Number (On Which I Have FD Based Credit Card).
So, If I Upgraded My FD Based Credit Card Which Limit Will I Get and After Upgradation Will My FD Based CC Closed?..?? (40.5K As Per My Previous FD Limit Or Any New Limit)

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Well, the limit of your pre-approved cc (from X number) will be not dependent on your FD limit, rather may be dependent on your amount of money you kept on your MINE account. Just giving an idea, if you kept 1L money in mine account you may get a cc with 80k limit… this principle does not work if you haven’t kept any money on your mine account. In that case limit is again random.

This has no relationship with your Y number where you have your other 2 cards.

Btw, here’s a tip (however I don’t know if it will help you or harm you):

You can merge your cards and accounts to the same customer id. Log in from your customer id where you have the savings account, and use the link card option to link your other cards which you have with Y number. You may need to update your mobile number to X. But this will ultimately bring all your icici relationships under one roof.

Good thing: Once you do this and apply for any other cc, you will get shared limit based on your existing icici cc (main cc, not amz pay icici cc)
Bad thing: after doing this, you may lose your pre-approved offer. So, I cant tell you whether you should go for linking your accounts or not.

This may are may not be relevant but it is always better to look for unsecured credit cards as they help you in building credit history. With ICICI Bank the best way to check or get credit cards (including LTF) is to go to your local branch and have a word with the BM. If you have completed one year with the bank, you will get some good offers. The BM can even submit a recommendation and you can get an out-of-turn LTF credit card. This was the case for my LTF Emeralde.