Open FreoSave Online Savings Account & FreoPay Card

Freo Save is a NeoBank created by MoneyTap, in association with Equitas Small Finance Bank, that aims to revolutionize the current scenario of the Indian Banking system. In addition to a savings account, it also opens a credit line for the users that you can use for your spendings and grow your credit score.

Features of FreoSave Savings Account:

  • Savings Account powered by Equitas Small Finance Bank.
  • Zero Balance Savings Account.
  • Earn 7% Interest on your Savings Account Balance over 1 Lakh.
  • 24x7 Customer Support from Freo Money.
  • Complimentary Card and Wallet Fraud Protection from OneAssist.
  • Personal Credit Advisor: Tips to Improve your Credit Score.
  • Detailed Insights with Daily Tracking.

Features of FreoPay Credit Line:

  • Get a FreoPay Mini Credit Line of up to ₹3000 that you can use for your immediate daily needs.
  • Get a MoneyTap Instant Loan Credit Line of up to ₹500000 that you can borrow anytime you need. Pay interest only if you use it.
  • Get a FreoCard VISA Card that you can use to buy anything and repay within 30 days with no interest. You can also buy on EMIs.

How to Apply for FreoSave and FreoPay?

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