MobiKwiK Launched RuPay Prepaid Card

MobiKwiK : MobiKwiK Launched RuPay Prepaid Card

  1. Open MobiKwiK App And Activate MobiKwiK ZIP

  2. MobiKwiK ZIP is same like PayTM Postpaid. You Will Get Some Limit To Use

  3. You Need To Pay Amount In 30 Days Without Any Intrest

  4. After Activating ZIP, You Can See RuPay ZIP Card Option On Home Page

  5. You Can Click On Profile Icon On Top Right Corner, You Can See MobiKwiK ZIP Black Card

  6. You Can See Cards Option On Home Screen Also

  7. Activate RuPay ZIP Card. You Can Pay Anywhere Using That Card

  8. No Annual Charges. No Joining Charges

  9. You Can Use The Card Untill The Limit Of ZIP

  10. You Can RePay ZIP Amount And Again You Can Use

  11. Some Few Offers Also There. There May Be Charges If you Use That Card To Load Any Wallet

  12. Those Who Have MobiKwiK AMEX Card, Not Possible To Get ZIP RuPay Card

  13. Some Few People May Not Get Both Cards. Need To Wait Some Days


** MobiKwiK ZIP Black RuPay Card Is Only Available To ZIP Users